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How it Works

We pride ourselves on providing a quality product and this can take a little more time (as all good things do)...

We are very proud of the fact that the whole process of farm to plate is all constructed through our own means of expertise with the addition of Prime Range Meats. We farm a terminal breed of stock specifically for their meat. The lambs are nurtured on our coastal property on beautiful green pastures and have no exposure to antibiotics, hormones or other means of genetically modified elements. We hand pick the best and when returned in carcase form have the privilege of processing and packaging your order ourselves. Nothing leaves our property without our inspection first.


Place Your Order Online or via Phone or Email

Once your order is placed we hand pick the best lambs available on the property at the time and send them to Prime Range Meats in Invercargill for private kill and meat inspection. Your order is then delivered to us via refrigerated transportation and hung in our butchery chiller for up to ten days to allow the meat to age and tenderise ready for your plate.

Your Meat is Then Processed to Order

Each cut is vacuum packed to seal in freshness. This technique reduces the amount of oxygen allowing your meat to last longer. Ultra convenient and ready to put straight in your fridge or freezer - no need to re-package yourself.
Your Order is Packed for Delivery in a Fresh Chill Container

We take quality seriously and to ensure your order arrives super fresh we ship our meat packs in specially designed 'Chilltainers'. Cardboard on the outside allows airflow and a conductive layer while the metallised polyester laminate reflects heat away and helps maintain coolness inside for longer. Even better our Chilltainers are also recyclable and sustainable.
Delivered to Your Doorstep

We deliver via courier to your door so please ensure you provide specific details of your address. This service is usually same day or overnight depending on your location. We will keep in contact with you as to when your order is ready to be processed and delivered so you know when to expect it.
For all delivery information & details check out our shipping information.